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Performing Arts, «THE GRADUATION» IES Pintor Pedro Gomez

I hereby declare that I hold custody rights over the minor whose medical records I am accessing at this time. Should I lose my rights of custody or guardianship for any reason, I endeavor to inform the hospital to this effect without delay.

All tests are performed on a non-fasting basis, except for the PCR saliva collection for which you must be 30 minutes beforehand without eating, drinking or smoking (see sampling procedure).

The IgG- IgM- result indicates that the disease has not been passed. In case of suspicion of having been infected in the previous 15 days, PCR should be performed if necessary to rule out active infection.

Consult your family doctor or health center immediately in case of a positive test result. Wear a mask, use extreme hand hygiene and isolate yourself at home unless your doctor tells you to go to a medical facility. If you want your case to be followed up at a Quiron Health center, call 901 500 501 to request urgent assistance.

Musical «DESCUBICADOS» IES Pintor Pedro Gómez,22/04

The auxiliary industry in the city of Huelva, and by extension in the province, becomes a key economic and employment pillar for its prosperity in sectors such as energy-chemical and logistics. With the I Forum of the Ancillary Industry, it is intended to value the potential of these sectors through a meeting platform that not only allows the generation of a network of contacts between companies and institutions, but also favors the processes of promotion and marketing of the products and services of this industry.this first edition will focus on the energy-chemical and logistics-port sectors. In successive editions it will focus on the auxiliary industries of other sectors of great importance in the province.

The Forum will host the development of parallel activities, outside these spaces, that allow the knowledge in situ – visits – of certain spaces and facilities of Huelva and its surroundings with incidence in the promotion of the auxiliary industry.


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