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Hemos encontrado 20 personas en 14 estados con el nombre de Celina Alfaro que viven en los EE.UU.. El estado con más residentes con este nombre es Tennessee, seguido de Nueva York y Texas. Los registros públicos de Celina Alfaro tienen edades comprendidas entre los 37 años y los 74 años. Los posibles parientes de Celina Alfaro incluyen a Rafael Alfaro, Hans Bodewig, Thelma Alfaro y varios otros. Una dirección de correo electrónico asociada a Celina Alfaro es calfa*** Un número de teléfono asociado a esta persona es (520) 574-4281, y tenemos otros 5 posibles números de teléfono en los mismos códigos de área locales 520 y 407.

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The Mesoamerican peoples created their own numerical systems based on a philosophical foundation that coincides with the vision of other great cultures of the world that believed that the principles of mathematics were the principle of order of all beings.

The application of the Nahuatl mathematical model allows to broaden the vision of mathematical reasoning so that new generations have access to the structure of the ancient Nahuatl thought system, guide of a relevant socio-cultural organization. Thus they can know its meaning and enrich the solution and logical interpretation of a system of symbols and situations, such as:

To understand and comprehend the Nahuatl cosmovision it is necessary to enter the world of its language, since language is the key to enter the immensity of its philosophy. It is a language that was perfected to reach a spiritual refinement in which mathematical thinking is a collective union that does not admit individualism. It has survived despite the imposed colonialism, death and humiliation of our native peoples. The language is spoken daily by millions of people in the world through words that subsist on a daily basis, for example: night and day; cold and hot; man and woman.

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The universities in Guadalajara is a very interesting topic; since it is ranked as the third with the largest population and movement in its lifestyle, the educational offer can not be left behind and offers a wide range of higher educational institutions.

In addition to this, it has campuses of the National Pedagogical University (UPN) which is one of the most solid institutes in the area of Educational Sciences, it also has the Technological University of Jaslico (UTJ) which also appears in the ranking prepared by 4ICU.

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Lewandowski developed most of his professional career in Rosario, the city where he and his family live. After completing his secondary studies at the Instituto Politécnico Superior in 1985, graduating as a National Construction Technician, he continued his academic training at ISEF Nº 11. There, in 1990, he obtained a degree in Sports Journalism.

In 1992 he was one of the promoters of Radio Sport, the first radio station in Rosario dedicated entirely to sports. He had the opportunity to cover the 1994 World Cup in the United States. He was there until 1997 and from 1998 to 2009 he was correspondent of Radio La Red de Buenos Aires, where he reported on the news of Rosario Central and Newell’s Old Boys.

His work in the Provincial Legislature as senator for the department of Rosario was not only focused on the presentation of projects but also on management, as a link to bring solutions to the territory. His focus was linked to proposals on education, security, environment and initiatives to alleviate the economic effects of the pandemic. Sport also played a central role, appealing to it as a tool for inclusion and healthy practices. In this sense, together with neighborhood priests, he created seven sports schools in poor neighborhoods of Rosario.

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