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Activities carried out during 2007

In accordance with the National Sports Policy, it is a pedagogical area that contributes to the integral development of the person through the construction of the corporeality, the generation of a socio-critical conscience towards health care and the development of socio-motor skills…

Education as a personal-historical-social-ideological phenomenon, is born in society and is a guarantee of its survival and progress. It is part of the social reality, therefore it should not be a process divorced from its context, but linked to its own historical dynamics. As a socio-cultural process, it facilitates and makes possible the integral development of the person, which is indispensable for the socioeconomic development of a country.

Peter Llanos B.

Los Zafiros; Avenida Manuel Vera Enriquez; Av Mansiche; La Libertad 104; Avenida América Norte; Avenida América Norte; Avenida Manuel Vera Enriquez; Napoles; Avenida Nicolás De Piérola; Hospital Regional.

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Graduation Ceremony. Generation 2019-2022

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (acronym: FMV-UNMSM) is one of the twenty faculties that make up the university. The faculty currently, within the organization of the university, is part of the area of Health Sciences and has the academic-professional school of Veterinary Medicine, which offers both undergraduate and graduate studies. It is located in its own premises in the district of San Borja.

In 1902, with 56 students, the ENAV began to train Agronomists and Veterinarians at the Santa Beatriz Farm, occupied by the Army Cavalry. The first director was Jorge Vanderghem. This School gave the title of Agronomists and Veterinarians until 1932.

In 1910, by Supreme Decree, the ENAV organized a Section for the training of Veterinary Doctors, and in 1919, at the proposal of the French Military Mission, a plan was approved for the organization of the Veterinary Section of the School. Also in 1935, the Minister of Public Works, General Jorge E. Rodriguez, appointed a commission to organize the Section, but again it did not materialize.

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Dual training. From the beginning of their studies, students already have contact with the centers where they could exercise their future profession, but it is from the second year onwards when we promote their immersion in real environments with activities in the educational centers of the CEU Group, in Madrid. There they will learn how the current school reality works and their future profession together with our outstanding practicing teachers.

The subjects of the Early Childhood Education degree are regulated by the law (order ECI 3854/2007) and are divided into four blocks: basic subjects, didactic disciplinary subjects, CEU subjects and specialty subjects (mentions). Students can enrich their training by choosing one of these three specializations:

International dimension. The student has the opportunity to live a complete international experience. They can spend one or two semesters at a foreign university thanks to the Erasmus+ program and the numerous bilateral agreements that the University has with leading educational institutions.

Teo Santillán